Snøg Avalanche Buddy releases NEW versions!!!!!!

We’re very happy to release our long awaited PRO version!
Besides the PRO version we give a great update on the FREE Limited version as well!

!! Very important message!!
we got well advised and decided to change our signal indication
LOWER VALUES = you are closer to target
HIGHER VALUES = you are further away from target

The PRO version contains a GPS search tool

The PRO version contains the following features:

  • A GPS search tool, to mark your strongest signals and walked search path. In near future we will develop this tool further into a fast target detection tool.

The PRO version and Limited contains the following features:

  • A mathematical signal filter, this gives the user a better and stable signal.
  • Target information, we inform the user whether he or she moves nearer or further towards the target. This feature primary contributes to the simplification of the whole search operation.
  • Single buddy search, it is no longer possible to search several buddy’s simultaneously as it may disturb the user.
  • Airplane mode, the app demands airplane mode to save battery and to turn into a dedicated device
  • Removal of the 8 min auto switch, according to avalanche experts this option results in  more dangerous situations than it secures their users.
Both Pro and Limited version take advantage of the improved pinpointing tool