New Avalanche buddy Pro version releases soon. take a peak!

We are very happy to introduce our Pro version soon. We have received a lot of positive feedback about our application. We are thankful for that! It showed us that we are heading in the right direction.

We used the last six months to research and to develop several techniques and opportunities to improve the application. The major improvement is to guide the user to the target and to stabilize a better signal. It wasn’t easy but we finally succeeded in both!

Check our screen shots!

search screens1 search screens2

The Pro version (final development stage) will contain:

  • Search guidance in the primary and secondary stage with GPS. This is a basic guidance feature and already simplifies the search dramatically. We use automatic signal marking to guide the user. Because we know now our development plan, later versions will even improve this more. This subject has from now on our main focus.
  • Signal filtering. The Wifi signal is being filtered and offers an easier pinpoint search.
  • Target information, we inform the user whether he or she moves nearer or further towards the target. This feature primary contributes to the simplification of the whole search operation.
  • Single buddy search. It is no longer possible to search several buddy’s simultaneously as it may disturb the user.

These developments opens the door to analyse all received data in a better way and is the key to further improvements.

We’re are looking for testers, if you would like to contribute, just send us an email!